Do you have questions? We have answers!

What is Bloom Therapy and what makes it different?

Bloom Therapy is a boutique Wellness Clinic with offering two locations within Spruce Grove; you can find us in Tri Village and Perpetual Fitness. We offer massage therapy ranging from relaxation to deep tissue as well as Acupuncture, Chiropractic and other modalities. We hope that when you walk through the doors you can exhale and feel instantly welcome and comfortable. We are striving to build a community of positive, inspired and proactive like-minded people. We are ready to provide you with individualized treatments whether you need a safe haven to relax in, treatment for a recent or chronic injury or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do I find Bloom Therapy - Tri Village?

Bloom Therapy - Tri Village is located right between the Tri Leisure Centre and the Border Paving Centre. We are inside the 3 story Medical Building. Head through the Main Entrance (between Eat Clean and the Childrens Dental Clinic) and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Take a Left off the elevator, head around the corner and we are just at the end of the hall!

How do I find Bloom Therapy - Perpetual Fitness?

Bloom Therapy - Perpetual Fitness is located in the Hillside Centre on the corner of Grove Drive and King Street. Head through the main entrance and up the stairs. We are at the top of the stairs INSIDE of Perpetual Fitness. You will see our logo on the door.

What do I do if the door is locked - Tri Village?

Because we do not always have office staff, we keep the doors to the studio upstairs locked while we are with clients. So don't worry! Your therapist will be there to welcome you in as soon as they are available. If they are not there on time, check your confirmation emails for the day, time and location of your treatment.

What can I expect for my first visit?

When you enter the studio you will be welcomed by your therapist! There may be some paperwork for you to fill out. This should take 5 - 10 minutes so make sure you give yourself enough time. Even better, fill out your intake forms online through the link in your confirmation email! Your therapist will then guide you to the treatment room and ask you some questions to find out exactly what you are looking to get out of your treatment. We want to ensure that every treatment is individualized so don't be afraid to share information about your lifestyle, any injuries that you may have or any specific areas that you want focus on. It is also ok to ask your therapist to avoid certain areas. This is your treatment, make sure you are in control! Your therapist will then guide you onto the table where you will lay under the top sheet, undressed to your own comfort level. You will always be draped except for the area that is being worked on. From here, you get to savour your treatment. If you want more information check out our Blog post, "What to Expect for your First Massage".

Do you do Direct Billing?

Yes!! We offer Direct Billing through many different insurance companies including Alberta Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sun Life and Manulife. We are continuously working on adding others so stayed tuned and feel free to ask your therapist if we have added your insurance company. Many benefit plans will require a doctors note prior to covering massage therapy, this is information that we cannot obtain for you. Remember that Insurance companies will not share any of your personal information with us so be sure to check with your individual plan to see if Direct Billing is an option for you! Be sure to check if your therapist is eligible for Direct Billing on the Therapist page! PLEASE NOTE: WE REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD ON FILE FOR ANY DIRECT BILLING. THIS IS TO ENSURE WE RECEIVE FULL PAYMENT ONCE THE CLAIM HAS BEEN ASSESSED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY.

Which Insurance Companies are Eligible for Reimbursment with a Student Therapist?

For RMTs with 1250 hours of training they are limited to a number of Insurance compaines for reimburesment. Please look at our list prior to booking your massage treatment: Assurances Dalbec, Chamber of Commerce, Claim Secure, Coughlan and Associates, Cowan Insurance Group, DA Towley & Associates, Desjardins Insurance, Empire Life, Green Shield Canada, Group Medical Services, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Insurance, Johnston Group, National Health Claim, Saskatchewan Blue Cross, Sirius Benefits and Standard Life. PLEASE NOTE: These treatments must be paid for up front and submitted for reimbursement.

What if I have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

If you have been in a recent Motor Vehicle Accident, navigating your way through the insurance process can be confusing and overwhelming. If you plan on going through insurance for your massage therapy sessions there is a specific and time sensitive process that must be complete beforehand. This process MUST be completed prior to any treatments at Bloom Therapy. For more information, check out our page on "Motor Vehicle Accident".

Do you sell Gift Cards?

You bet we do! We want to spread the love and give everyone an opportunity to enjoy some self care! Give us a call at 780-571-2009 or email to set up a time to purchase and pick up a gift card. Or you can simply ask your therapist after your massage to help you out. If you don't need a physical card we can also put any amount onto the recipients account.