Bloom After Baby - Postnatal Massage

Having a baby is such a fantastically beautiful and life changing event. From the very beginning you feel your body adjust. After announcing your pregnancy you are flowered with congratulations and questions;  are you going to find out the gender? Have you decorated the baby's room? How are you feeling? What can I do for you? The attention continues as your belly begins to grow. Strangers come up to you and ask when you are due. You begin to feel your baby moving. Your whole identity shifts. You start to glow.  You are entrusted with this precious life and you are on a mission to ensure the best possible environment. 

Then, your new bundle of joy is born. People flock to your house to hold them. They bring gifts and food. They start setting up play dates. They forget your name...well not really, although it feels as if you no longer exist as an individual. You are pushed to the side. Simply the carrier of this cute, tiny human. People eventually stop bringing you food and, often unintentionally, start bringing judgement. You start feeling the unrealistic pressure to be the "perfect" mom. You are left isolated to go through the changes that your body is experiencing. To deal with the stretch marks. To rein in your unpredictable hormones. Pressured to act as if your baby is perfect, and happy, and sleeping all the time. Your light begins to fade. When you think about it, it is surprising that more moms don't experience postpartum depression. Or maybe we just don't hear about it.

Following the birth of your child it is crucial that you make time for self care. But too often mothers feel guilty leaving their baby alone. How in the world are you supposed to find time between diaper changes, feeding and laundry while still making sure they feel loved?!  You are constantly on the move and when nap time comes you are exhausted. There is no way you can carry on like this! You deserve to relax in the midst of all the chaos a new baby brings home with them.  When alone time becomes a thing of the past it is essential that you begin to carve it out once again. It will give you the strength to return home and meet the needs of your baby with more love and compassion.

The benefits of postnatal massage are numerous. It is a great way to soothe sore and strained muscles. If you are nursing, you may be experiencing neck and shoulder tension due to poor positioning. You may be carrying your baby with your dominant arm and begin to notice an imbalance in your spine and hips.  Headaches due to lack of sleep and stress can be subdued. Achiness from sleeping in positions you didn't think were possible can be relieved. We can increase circulation and decrease any residual swelling. And most importantly we can give you the chance to feel whole, valuable and precious once again. We can create space for you to breathe, slow down and even cry if you need to. We know parenting isn't easy and thats ok. 

So how do we make it happen? Ask for help. Talk to someone you love and trust and ask them to look after your little one while you get a massage. Leaving them with someone trustworthy will ensure that you can relax further. Schedule in advance. Book your massage when you know your husband will be home, or when your parents are in town. Talk to them in advance and make sure it works for everyone. Do a trade. Maybe you and another mommy friend can take turns watching each others littles while the other can indulge. Talk to your doctor. If you had a C-section or a difficult delivery, your doctor can provide a timeline that is appropriate for you. This permission may help you feel more comfortable.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of having a massage right away, know that we are not here to judge. Your stretch marks are beauty marks. You can continue to wear your bra if you are lactating. We will adapt to your needs. We are simply here to help you get your GLOW back.