Relaxation Massage

This technique is the perfect way to relax both body and mind and is a chance to escape from your busy lifestyle. It is a whole body massage using a smooth, flowing style that will improve circulation, increase body awareness, relieve muscular tension and decrease stress levels. A relaxation and therapeutic massage can be combined to get the most benefits depending on your individual needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

With a therapeutic or deep tissue massage there is a shift from general relaxation to more focused treatment on areas that are causing discomfort and/or dysfunction. Using a variety of strokes and techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, deeper layers of muscle are addressed as well the fascia surrounding the muscles.  Using a deeper pressure than the relaxation massage, the therapist works at releasing chronic muscle tension or adhesions (knots) in the muscle. Communication is key in a Therapeutic massage so be prepared for some dialogue with your therapist.

Sports Massage

Sports massage for athletes can be applied throughout all stages of training including pre-event, post-event and between events. It is used to prevent injuries, prepare the body for activity and decrease recovery time from high performance activity. Sports massage will aid in maximizing and improving athletic performance propelling athletes to reach their full potential by reducing muscle tension, increasing range of motion and maintaining flexibility. 

TMJ Massage

TMJ massage is used to treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction that can present itself as pain in the jaw, clicking or popping when opening or closing the mouth, headaches, earaches or toothaches, and locked jaw, among other things. TMJD can often be caused from stress, postural dysfunction, direct impact to the jaw, dental work and clenching of the jaw.  To treat TMJD the therapist will focus on the upper back, shoulders and pectoral muscles to address any postural imbalances. Then muscle tension and trigger points will be addressed in the neck as well as the mucles of the jaw directly. If necessary, intra-oral massage will be performed with permission from the client using gloved hands.   

Prenatal Massage

With all the changes happening in the body, a prenatal massage can help relieve some of the tension and discomfort that may come along with pregnancy. Focus can be general or specific depending on the needs of the mother and will change through each trimester. Prenatal massage has many benefits for the mother including reduced stress, tension and anxiety, relief of muscles and joint pain, reduced swelling and strengthening of the immune system.  It can even lead to a better sleep at night! Past the first trimester, prenatal massage is done in the side lying position while being supported with pillows.  


 - $70  
60m - $90
75m - $105
90m - $125

Prices increasing as of May 1, 2019



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