Chiropractors are specialized health professionals that help treat and prevent musculoskeletal problems.

Manual adjustments are used to help increase motion, decrease muscle tightness and decrease pain. Soft issue techniques help release muscle tension, decrease trigger points and decrease scar tissue. Chiropractors also use rehabilitation exercises along with physical therapy modalities to help people recover from injury.

Our clinic has access to various techniques including manual adjustments, activator, muscle release technique, kinesiotaping,

instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and rehabilitation exercises.

Initial visit

On the first visit a comprehensive history is taken followed by a physical exam. A diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis will be created and discussed with the patient. If appropriate, treatment will be rendered in the first visit. Following treatment, the Chiropractor will discuss home care and rehabilitation exercises.


A follow-up visit will consist of a brief history of the complaint progression followed by treatment. Any questions about treatment or alternative treatment methods will be addressed.

Foot Exam

A foot exam consists of a history of complaint followed by a biomechanical foot exam. Gait-analysis is also performed to help determine the correct diagnosis.

Following the exam, the chiropractor will discuss what is happening and what the best course of treatment is. A prescription for foot orthotics can be made if medically necessary.


IASTM involves using a tool to help reduce patient pain while improving their function. This occurs by breaking down scar tissue,

trigger points and fascial restrictions that have occurred in an injury or through general wear and tear. It attempts to realign the muscle fibers in a fashion that is more efficient for function and healing. IASTM allows for faster healing times from injury.

Kinesiotape (KT)

Kinesiotaping  is a technique used to help the body recover from injury. It provides support to the body and facilitates movement rather than restricting movement. Furthermore, KT tape helps reduce pain and inflammation while stimulating specific receptors in the body which help with proprioception. This is very important during rehabilitation.



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Dr. Evraj Dhaliwal

Dr. Evraj