Tri Village - #214 7 Tri Leisure Way, Spruce Grove, AB

Cecilia van Miltenburg, C.H.N.C

Graduating from aesthetics vocational school in 1997 in my native Hungary I completed two years of extensive training in Biology, Dermatology and Chemistry, along with  practicums as well as theoretical studies.

In 1998 I immigrated to Canada and soon started working in my field in Edmonton where I have had the opportunity to work at many spas including Eveline Charles Salons and Spas, Carrie ‘L, and Mayfield Inn Salon and Dayspa.

To widen my knowledge and understanding I decided to further my education and studied Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I graduated in 2016, earning the designation of a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant (C.H.N.C.).

I am excited to have the opportunity to fulfill my life calling of transforming my clients’ health and future well-being through nutritional and lifestyle changes. I truly believe that the human body is magnificent, it has the built-in ability to restore health if the right ingredients are provided! I recognize that everyone is biochemically unique, therefore the “one plan fits all” mentality is not the most effective approach. I have always been fascinated by how our diet, lifestyle and environment can impact our overall well-being and health in either a positive or negative way. My goal is to guide you down the positive path!

As a unique combination of aesthetician and holistic nutritional consultant, I feel that my knowledge, skills and genuine care for each and every client will make their experience truly one of a kind. Although I do not see clients for spa treatments anymore, I continue to provide skincare through nutritional recommendations and through my passionate love for essential oils.

I am excited to join Bloom Therapy Massage and Wellness in Spruce Grove and offer my guidance through nutritional consultations.

In my free time you can find me with my husband and three boys. I also enjoy researching health and nutrition, reading, cross-stitching, swimming and yoga. Occasionally I have the privilege of writing articles about skin care and nutrition for the online Eco Parent Magazine. You can check out some articles here! (link = http://www.ecoparent.ca/health/summer-skin-secrets)